About CSPS Korea:

The Center for Security Policy Studies is pleased to announce the opening of a new branch at the George Mason University campus in Incheon, Republic of Korea.  CSPS-Korea will convene an annual symposium jointly with CSPS, and will serve as a platform for research and policy discussions about international security issues, with particular focus on Asia.

The objectives of the CSPS branch at Mason Korea Campus include: setting a model for research collaboration and academic exchange with the main campus; creating a research hub connecting the US and Asia and a policy exchange platform between Washington and Seoul; supporting CSPS, the Schar School Faculty, and researchers by connecting to research infrastructure, policy field, and government in Korea; holding joint events between the two campuses; and building a reputable university specialized program and vibrant research environment.

The Center for Security Policy Studies holds joint events between the two campuses. For example, during summer 2018, several U.S.-based faculty members visited the Korea campus for a symposium about international security issues and concerns in Asia and elsewhere.

Click here for more information about George Mason University’s Korean campus.


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