The Center for Security Policy Studies (CSPS) provides a vibrant intellectual space for Mason students and faculty to work alongside government, military, think tank and private sector experts to address today’s pressing security issues. Such challenges range from so-called ‘traditional’ threats, including great power conflict, civil war, nuclear proliferation, and terrorism, to so-called ‘nontraditional’ threats, including climate change, pandemic disease, demographic shifts, extreme poverty, state failure and refugee crises.

All of these threats transcend traditional academic boundaries. Therefore, CSPS seeks to produce multidisciplinary, policy-relevant research by leveraging experts from across George Mason University. CSPS also sponsors innovative extracurricular activities for Mason students to prepare them for service as tomorrow’s security scholars and leaders.

CSPS has three overarching goals:

  • Facilitate collaboration between scholars and practitioners from across George Mason University and Washington D.C.
  • Generate multidisciplinary research relevant to today’s most pressing defense and security challenges
  • Attract, recruit, and educate George Mason University’s best and brightest students to prepare them for service as tomorrow’s scholars and leaders