• On the 20th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq Carol Castiel speaks with veteran Middle East observer Ellen Laipson, Director of the Center for Security Policy Studies about the shifting rationales for the George W. Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq and the gains and challenges that remain for a country which has resumed its place in the Arab world.

The Center for Security Policy Studies hosted its annual symposium on September 21, 2023 where we examined the Global Commons and its challenges. 

The Schar School’s Center for Security Policy Studies organizes an annual symposium on topics of enduring significance for international security.  Past topics have included the rise of Asia, nuclear weapons policy, the future of alliances, technology’s impact on the future of warfare, and the Artic.  This year, looking at the Global Commons, we discussed how states cooperate, compete, and coerce in the places that belong to all of us It’s all the places and domains that are not owned or controlled by sovereign states – so think about the oceans, the atmosphere, outer space, and new technology domains that affect us all.  The international system, from the UN and other international institutions, tries to set norms and rules for how these commons are used and sustained for the benefit of all.

Watch videos from our panelists and read more about the event.

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