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Our CSPS Faculty and Fellows have a busy summer ahead.  Here are a few highlights:

The Schar School and CSPS have organized a week long study tour to Korea, and the CSPS-Korea branch, led by Professor Soyuong Kwon, hosted an important symposium on May 24, examining prospects for peace in the Korean peninsula.  The week long course focused on the theme of the changing security landscape in Northeast Asia.  In light of President Biden’s visit to Korea in May and the recent change of administration in Seoul, our study program was an exciting opportunity to examine the full suite of security challenges and policy debates.   CSPS Director and former CSPS Fellow George Hutchinson lead the academic program, with important input from Mason-Korea faculty and distinguished Korean experts from diverse institutions. Visit the Mason Korea page HERE to read more about the symposium, or visit the links below to watch the session recordings:




This July, CSPS associate director Dr. Mike Hunzeker and CSPS alumnus Dr. Joseph Petrucelli will travel to Rome to run a nuclear escalation simulation as part of the NATO Defense College’s 2022 Early-Career Nuclear Strategists’ Workshop. Now in its fourth year, this workshop fosters awareness and expertise of issues related to nuclear strategy among up-and-coming security scholars from across the alliance. Dr. Hunzeker and Dr. Petrucelli’s simulation will ask/challenge participants to respond to an adversary’s use of a nuclear weapon as it tries to ‘escalate to de-escalate’ in the early stages of a conflict with the alliance.

CSPS Fellow Will Nelson will spend the summer as a research fellow with the Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii.  He was awarded a Daniel Inouye Fellowship and will work on Asian military issues.  

And please mark your calendars for our annual fall symposium.  The topic this year will be the Arctic, examining climate realities and projections, the impact on trade and economics, and the consequences for international security.  We will convene on Thursday, October 27.