CSPS is excited to announce it has initiated a publication series. The series begins with Terror Vanquished by Simon Clark and A Question of Time by Michael Hunzeker and Alexander Lanoszka, with Brian Davis, Matthew Fay, Erik Goepner, Joseph Petrucelli and Erica Seng-White.

In Terror Vanquished Clark analyzes how General Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa successfully led the Italian state in its effort to eradicate the Red Brigades, an Italian domestic terrorist organization. These insights may prove useful to other states, such as the US, which increasingly experience rising polarization and extreme political thoughts and behaviors.

In A Question of Time Hunzeker, Lanoszka, et al. argue that Taiwan, and the rest of the world, can expect an escalation of Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, including the possibility of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. They conclude with recommendations for how the Taiwanese government can prepare for such an eventuality.