Professor Butt’s Recent Selected Publications

forthcoming. “Secession and Security” (book manuscript, under review at Cornell University Press.

forthcoming. “External Security and State Strategy against Strategists: Examining Separatist Violence in South Asia, 1971-1991.” (under review).

forthcoming. “Thank God it’s Friday? Islamist Mobilization and Islamization in Pakistan” (under review).

forthcoming. “What kind of political army is Pakistan’s? New evidence on the Pakistani military elite” (working paper, with Mashail Malik, Dann Naseemullah, and Paul Staniland).

forthcoming. “More Than a Club: FC Barcelona and the Radicalization of Catalan Nationalism in the 21st Century” (working paper).

Street Power: Friday Prayers, Islamist Protests, and Islamization in Pakistan.Politics and Religion, 9(1), pp.1-28, March 2016.

“Do Nuclear Weapons Affect the Guns-Butter Tradeoff? Evidence on Nuclear Substitution from Pakistan and Beyond.” Conflict, Security, and Development, 15(3), 23 June 2015.

Anarchy and Hierarchy in International Relations: Examining South America’s War-Prone Decade, 1932-1941. International Organization 67(3): 575-607, 2013.