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2023 CSPS-K Symposium: The Challenges of New Technologies and the Future of the US-ROK Alliance

2023 CSPS-K Symposium: The Challenges of New Technologies and the Future of the US-ROK Alliance

The Center for Security Policy Studies-Korea (CSPS-K) conducted the 2023 CSPS-Korea Annual Spring Symposium under the title of <The Challenges of New Technologies and the Future of the US-ROK Alliance> on May 19, 2023. This year’s annual symposium dived into the intricate interplay between critical and emerging technologies, great power politics, and global polycrisis that examined their impact on the US-ROK alliance. The Symposium featured an engaging discourse from esteemed experts in the field of international security and defense, who reflected on the alliance’s past achievements while envisioning a future-oriented security relationship through military innovation and revolution.

Each of the discussions were moderated by Dr. Daniel Pinkston, International Relations Lecturer at Troy University. Along with Dr. Pinkston, other featured panelists included Dr. Jungmi Cha, Director for the Center of International Strategies at the National Assembly Futures Institute, Mr. Michael Paluba, Deputy Special Advisor on International Relations at United States Forces, Korea, and Dr. Alex(Soohoon) Lee, Associate Research Fellow at Korean Institute for Defense Analyses. Throughout the symposium, the speakers emphasized on the need to further cybersecurity cooperation between the US and Korea through building stronger infrastructure. The speakers also noted the importance of the Washington Declaration for the US-ROK alliance and highlighted the need for a proactive and collaborative approach in order to address the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies. By collaborating, the US-ROK alliance can be instrumental in leveraging technological strengths in order to enhance security and promote regional stability. 

The discussion was followed by a 20 minute Q&A session, where each of the experts intricately answered questions from the audience and with their fascinating commentary, helped us understand how emerging technologies are changing the security concept and strategies for the future of modern warfare. 

The Symposium concluded successfully with proactive participation from the audience along with an excellent discussion held by the panelists. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the faculty, CSPS-K fellows, senior and honorary fellows, along with the volunteers who contributed to the success of this event along with the special guests who were present. 

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