Professor Gordon’s Recent Selected Publications

“Transforming for What? Challenges Facing Western Militaries Today.” Institute Francaise Relations Internationale, Paris: December 2008.

“Domestic Trends in the U.S., China, and Iran: Implications for U.S. Navy Strategic Planning.” Rand Corporation, MG-729-Navy, 2008.

“Analytic Support to Intelligence in Counterinsurgencies” (with Walter L. Perry), Rand Corporation, MG-682-OSD, 2008.

“War By Other Means, Building Complete and Balanced Capabilities for Counterinsurgency.” Rand Corporation, MG-595/2-OSD, 2008.

“Warfighting and Logistics Support of Joint Forces from the Joint Sea Base.” MG649-Navy, 2007.

“Everybody Wanted Tanks”: Heavy Forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom.” (with B. Pirnie) Joint Forces Quarterly, Fall 2005.