H-Diplo: Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge

The Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge is the first-ever competition where
students compete to give the best policy advice for an ongoing national
security cyber conflict.

Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge

by Kevin Y. Kim

The Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge is the first-ever competition where

students compete to give the best policy advice for an ongoing national

security cyber conflict.  Nearly every other cyber competition is run by

Computer Science departments and is all about the technical aspects,

like “capture the flag” games over the network.  If that’s all we

do, how will we ever grow the students who focus on international

relations and security policy?  It’s great to see these students making

recommendations like “no one has died yet, so no Article 5 yet; let’s

rely on sanctions for now…”  Past teams have come from SAIS, SIPA,

USNA, Harvard Law, Brown, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and NDU and this year we

really want to have a broad representation.


We’re in our third year and will be holding events in Geneva and DC, at

American University, on 12 and 12 March, a Friday and Saturday.  We

usually have Gen Hayden give a keynote and Jim Miller will be one of our

celebrity judges for the final round on Saturday afternoon.


Registration is still open for a few more weeks.  Essentially, a team

needs 4 people, a coach to help advise them, and a way to get to DC!  No

fee for participating…



The Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge is back! The Atlantic Council will host

the fourth annual Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge in WASHINGTON DC on MARCH

11-12, 2016. Students and mentors work in teams to tackle cyber security

challenges, defend against a major cyberattack, respond to evolving

situations, and develop policy recommendations. Can you save your nation

from catastrophe?


What is the Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge?


The Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge is designed to provide students across

academic disciplines with a deeper understanding of the policy

challenges associated with cyber crisis and conflict. It presents

students with a unique opportunity to interact with expert mentors and

high-level cyber professionals, while developing valuable skills in

policy analysis and presentation. The Challenge has already engaged over

400 students from universities in the United States, United Kingdom,

France, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Finland, and Estonia.


Previous judges and speakers include prominent cybersecurity experts

such as Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of CIA and NSA; Christopher

Painter, Coordinator for Cyber Issues, US Department of State; Amb.

Sorin Ducaru, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security

Challenges; Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar, Head of Cyber Policy Coordination at

European External Action Service; Cheri McGuire, Symantec’s Vice

President of Global Government Affairs and Cybersecurity Policy; Dmitri

Alperovitch, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of CrowdStrike; and

David E. Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent of the New York Times,

among many others.


Talk to your friends, classmates, teachers, and advisors about starting

a team. We hope you can join us in making the 2016 Student Challenges in

the United States and Europe a success!




Affiliated events are one-day student- or faculty-run events with

support from the Atlantic Council, serving as practice for the main

events. Help your school to choose the best teams! Contact us for more





For more information visit our WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE, or contact Ms. Anni Piiparinen,

Assistant Director of the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative