CSPS-Korea: Student Fellowship Application (Spring 2023, Fall 2023)

CSPS-Korea: Student Fellowship 

Center for Security Policy Studies Korea (CSPS-Korea) encourages George Mason University Korea students who have special academic and professional interests on security policy to consider applying for the CSPS-Korea Student Fellowship.

In Spring 2023, CSPS-Korea selects a small number of upper-division undergraduates with outstanding qualities and capabilities. These highly-competent students will execute leadership in exploring security policy studies and act as a bridge between CSPS in Arlington Campus and Korea Campus.

During the fellowship, student fellows will visit security-related institutions, conduct research projects, coordinate CSPS events and establish communication with CSPS in Arlington. In addition, student fellows are expected to actively participate in seminars, conferences, and forums organized by relevant institutions to broaden their knowledge on security issues in East Asia and beyond. We highly urge students who are interested to apply for this exclusive fellowship opportunities.

Applicants must be committed to the fellowship at least for a full academic year and be willing to perform given tasks. The fellows will also write articles, reviews and research papers on security-related topics. The fellowship requires annual reapplying process. A certificate will be given to the fellows that participated for a full academic year.

To apply, an applicant must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. A Global Affairs major or minor
  2. GPA higher than 3.5
  3. Have taken GLOA 101, Government courses OR other relevant courses
  4. Competence, enthusiasm, and professionalism in given tasks

If you are interested in the student fellowship, please complete the application and send it to cspskorea@gmail.com along with a resume and a most recent writing sample by 11:59 PM December 21, 2022 (Wednesday). A selection process includes reviews on submitted application and may require an interview with CSPS-Korea faculty. For any questions, please visit https://csps.gmu.edu/csps-korea/or email cspskorea@gmail.com

Click here for application: CSPS-Korea Application