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Launched in 2014, the Center for Security Policy Studies (CSPS) advances the study of international security.  Through its research and extensive array of student programs, CSPS seeks to both generate creative solutions to today’s pressing security challenges and educate tomorrow’s security policymakers.

CSPS’s multidisciplinary faculty include experts in economics, history, political science and sociology, as well as a number of distinguished practitioners-in-residence.  Located on Mason’s Arlington campus, CSPS also provides unique access to a large number of defense and security experts, including current and former government officials, active and recently retired senior military officers, prominent think tank analysts, and world-renowned scholars.

CSPS Director Ellen Laipson visited Chautauqua Institution where she spoke with Geoffrey Kemp, senior director of Regional Security Programs at the Center for National Interest, on Arab-Israeli relations. The event was live streamed by Chautauqua Institution on their Facebook page, and can be found here.

The Council on Foreign Relations recently hosted a panel discussion on US-Turkey Relations. CSPS Director Ellen Laipson served as moderator for the panel. Video from the event can be found on C-SPAN.

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