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Launched in 2014, the Center for Security Policy Studies (CSPS) advances the study of international security.  Through its research and extensive array of student programs, CSPS seeks to both generate creative solutions to today’s pressing security challenges and educate tomorrow’s security policymakers.

CSPS’s multidisciplinary faculty include experts in economics, history, political science and sociology, as well as a number of distinguished practitioners-in-residence.  Located on Mason’s Arlington campus, CSPS also provides unique access to a large number of defense and security experts, including current and former government officials, active and recently retired senior military officers, prominent think tank analysts, and world-renowned scholars.


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Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation

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Recent Research

Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror, by General Michael Hayden

“Confronting the Anti-Access/Area Denial and Precision Strike Challenge in the Baltic Region,” in the RUSI Journal by Alexander Lanoszka and Michael Hunzeker

Fighting for MacArthur: The Navy and Marine Corps’ Desperate Defense of the Philippines, by John Gordon

Landpower and American Credibility,” in Parameters by Michael Hunzeker & Alexander Lanoszka

“Producing Strategic Value through Deliberate War Planning,” in Military Review by Jim Cahill


Recent Commentary

“The Case Against U.S. Overseas Military Bases,” in Foreign Affairs by John Glaser

“Contemporary American Military Innovation,” in Small Wars Journal by Carlton Haelig

“Much Ado About Montenegro,” in War on the Rocks by Matthew Fay and Ben Denison

“Status and Prestige Are Driving Trump’s Foreign Policy,” in The National Interest by John Glaser

“How Trump Undermines Intelligence Gathering,” in the New York Times by General Michael Hayden

“Trump Pledged to Reverse Obama’s Executive Orders. Here’s How Well Past Presidents Have Fulfilled that Pledge,” in the Washington Post by James Pfiffner and Joshua Lee

“Insurgency and Deterrence on NATO’s Northeastern Flank,” in the Modern War Institute at West Point blog by Alexander Lanoszka and Michael Hunzeker

“Calm Down About North Korea’s Nukes,” in Defense One by John Glaser

“Were We Watching the Same Presidency? Obama Was Not a Restrainer,” in War on the Rocks by A. Trevor Thrall and John Glaser

“Trump’s ‘One China’ Comments Undermine the Foundations of American Leadership,” in Newsweek by Ming Wan

Trump’s Most Important New Partner: The Intelligence Community,” in the Washington Post by General Michael Hayden

Why We Should Close America’s Overseas Bases,” in Time by John Glaser

The Link Between Zika and Climate Change,” in The Atlantic by Greg Mercer

The ‘Bow Wave’ and the Military Balance,” in War on the Rocks by Matthew Fay


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