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Challenges in Military Innovation

July 17, 2017 – CSPS Student Fellow Carlton Haelig offers a take on developing and implementing military innovation without letting hyper-specialization pre-empt readiness for future conflict in this piece originally published by Small Wars Journal.

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“Contemporary American Military Innovation: The Challenge of Fighting Today’s War While Preparing to Win the Next War”

“Military officials and civilian decision-makers must understand the challenges inherent to innovating for the contemporary security environment and innovate accordingly. A failure to acknowledge the uncertainty of a future near-peer conflict may result in misguided innovations and a flawed confidence in existing innovations whose effectiveness has only been proven in LIC environments. It would be a mistake to develop hyper-specific innovations based upon a specific vision of what future warfare will look like. The best course of action is to develop rapidly adaptable innovations based upon timely reassessments of the changing security environment.”



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