CSPS-Korea: Student Fellows 2019

Ha Eun Choi is a junior at George Mason University. She majors in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Economics and Management and minor in International Security. She is interested in international conflicts and security relations, especially on non-traditional security issues. Her interest focuses on global conflicts and seeking resolution through global governance.

Jin Seong Choi is a junior majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Governance at George Mason University Korea Campus. He is currently serving as a research assistant at the Center for Security Policy Studies – Korea. His research interests includes East Asian regional security as well as inter-Korean relations.

Yihyun Andrea Kwon is a junior studying B.A. Global Affairs with concentrations in Human Security and Global Governance. She is also minoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Her current research interests lies in the interconnection of international security policies and human security in the East Asian region, South Korean soft power and diplomacy, and women’s rights in developing countries.

Erie Ma is a senior studying Global Affairs at George Mason University. Her primary interests are human security issues in North Korea and refugees in Korea. Through the fellowship experience at CSPS, she plans to expand her perspectives and experiences in the fields of North Korean human rights, relationships between South and North Korea, education in multicultural society, and Korean peninsula’s future.